Friends of the Library
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The Friends of the Library understand the importance of a well-funded public Library, and they offer their support and encourage yours! By becoming a member, you ensure that our Library will be able to continue to provide the quality of resources and programming you have come to expect.

To get started, simply fill out the application below. Thank you for being a Friend!

Friends of the Library Application 


Who Are the Friends?

Friends of the Stickney-Forest View Public Library Logo The Friends of the Library (FOTL) is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to promoting our library as an essential institution of our society. Our volunteer members advocate, educate, & raise funds on behalf of the Library, its patrons, & the larger Stickney-Forest View community.

The organization embraces the principle that the Library is a cornerstone within the Stickney-Forest View community. It raises funds to provide gifts such as new programs, equipment, and materials for the library. The Friends offer used books and magazines for sale throughout the year, as well as host regular fundraisers.

Why Join the Friends?

The Friends of the Library offers free memberships. When you join, you’ll:
  • Have the opportunity to become a board member of a non-profit organization – a great resume builder!
  • Obtain work experience & references,
  • Manage annual book drives & ongoing book sales,
  • Plan and lead fundraising events,
  • Sponsor lively cultural events and educational programs for
    Library users.

Friends of the Library Meetings
Come join us and meet some friends

The Friends of the Library meet six times per year, alternating between Saturday mornings and Thursday evenings to accommodate different schedules.
  • October 5th - Saturday morning at 10am
  • December 5th - Thursday evening at 6pm
  • February 1st - Saturday morning at 10am
  • April - Weekday evening, date to be determined
  • June - Saturday morning, date to be determined
  • August - Weekday evening, date to be determined

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