Library Policies
Alcoholic Beverages Policy (.pdf)

Board of Trustees and Library Employee Conflict of Interest Policy (.pdf)

Board of Trustees and Library Employee Ethics Policy (.pdf)

Circulation Policy (.pdf)

Collection Development Policy (.pdf)
Community Bulletin Board Policy (.pdf)
Community Involvement and Partnership Policy (.pdf)
Community Service Policy (.pdf)
Computer and Equipment Policy (.pdf)
Concealed Carry Policy (.pdf)

Exam Proctoring Policy (.pdf)
Exhibits and Displays Policy (.pdf)
Financial Policy (.pdf)

Freedom of Information Act Policy (.pdf)
Fraud Prevention Policy (.pdf)
Fund Balance Policy (.pdf)

Gifts and Donations Policy (.pdf)
Home Service Policy (.pdf)
Homework Help Policy (.pdf)
Internet Acceptable Use Policy (.pdf)
Investment of Public Funds Policy (.pdf)
Laptop Lending Policy (.pdf)

Meeting Space Policy (.pdf)
Notary Policy (.pdf)

Patron Code of Conduct Policy (.pdf)

Patron Confidentiality Policy (.pdf)

Photocopy, Fax, & Scan Policy (.pdf)

Photography & Filming Policy (.pdf)
Programming Policy (.pdf)
Public Bidding Policy (.pdf)

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