Special Workshop

The Writers Group meets every third Saturday of the month. Bring a story to share and get feedback. All types of writing welcome.

Writers Workshop with Storyteller Margaret Burke: Building Community through Sharing Our Stories
Saturday, May 18th at 11am

Stories connect us, building and deepening relationships. Storyteller and writer Margaret Burk will lead participants through fun exercises to discover and share personal stories.  

Margaret Burke is the president of Illinois Storytelling, Inc.

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The contest opens April 1, 2019 and closes May 31, 2019. Now accepting complete manuscripts of adult fiction in book length (50,000 to 100,000 words) from Illinois authors. Click here for the website where you can apply.


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Writers Group Meetings
[image - Snoopy types on his typewriter atop his doghouse]Saturdays at 11am at the Library

Saturday, April 20 at 11am
Saturday, May 18 at 11am: Writers Storytelling Workshop 11am

For more information, contact Popular Services Librarian, Sonia R. at reppes@sfvpld.org or call at 708-749-1050 x120.

Morton College Prose Writing Workshop

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