Getting a Library Card

Stickney-Forest View Public Library District card
All Stickney, Forest View, and Central Stickney residents are eligible for a free library card. Applicants must complete an application after presenting the following:
  1. A valid photo ID (i.e. state ID card, driver's license, clinic card)
  2. Two (2) proofs of residency - official mail, utility bill, credit card bill, voting card, insurance card (if the photo ID has the current address, it counts as 1 (one) proof of residency)

*Applicants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent.

If a second proof of residency cannot be provided (i.e. no mail/bills in the person's name, etc.) the Library will mail out the card after processing the application

The Stickney-Forest View Public Library is a member of the SWAN Libraries consortium, which is over 100 members strong! Use your SFVPL card at these other locations. 

Our library district encompasses the Village of Stickney, the Village of Forest View, and unincorporated Central Stickney. Our library is located at 6800 43rd Street in Stickney and we have a smart locker at the Stickney Township Community Center located at 4949 Long Avenue in Central Stickney.

[image - perimeter of Stickney-Forest View District]

To automatically find yourself on the map, use the SFVPLD Boundary Map. Click the magnifying glass beside "Stickney-Forest View P...", type your home address, and hit 'Enter'. The red dot should indicate your address in relation to the district map.

Renewing Your Library Card

Home patrons need to renew their card/account every five years. Reciprocal borrowers, like those from Chicago should renew every year. To renew your SFVPLD library card, visit the Circulation Desk with your current card. To renew, you will need:
  • A valid state ID
  • Your Library card (if possible)
  • There is a $5 fee to replace lost cards that are not expired
    (Replacement and renewal of expired library cards is free)
  • Return all ovderdue library materials
  • Complete payment of any standing fines or bills under your name from any SWAN System library
SFVPLD accepts various forms of payment: cash, personal check, and credit card.

Contactless Self-Checkout

There are two methods of self-checkout at the Stickney-Forest View Public Library: Using a self-checkout station in the Main Room or in Youth and using the SWAN mobile app on your smart phone. You can use either method with your library card. For more information about contactless self-checkout, please watch this short tutorial video.

Using Your Card at Non-SWAN Libraries
SFVPLD patrons may register their cards at non-SWAN Libraries, such as Chicago Public Library, to check out items from other library systems throughout the Illinois. Applicants must complete that library's application process and present the following:
  1. A valid picture ID
  2. A valid library card in good standing (must owe less than $5 in late fees)
Patrons of Non-SWAN libraries, such as Chicago Public Library, are also eligible to be registered as reciprocal borrowers at SFVPLD. The requirements are the same: a valid picture ID & valid library card in good standing.

For more information call 708-749-1050 x100


Chicago Public Library Patrons

Patrons from Chicago Public Library (CPL), as well as other non-SWAN libraries, are eligible to be registered as reciprocal borrowers at SFVPLD. Applicants must fill out an application after presenting the following:
  1. A valid photo ID
  2. A valid library card in good standing (at CPL, owing no more than $10)
Certain item types may be ineligible to borrow. Item limits may be a reduced number.