Home Delivery Service

Entrega a Domicilio

If you, or someone you know, are unable to come to the library due to a disability or circumstance that prevents mobility, the Library will deliver materials right to your door.

Who is eligible?
Stickney, Forest View, and Central Stickney residents who are permanently or temporarily homebound and unable to visit the Library due to a handicap or medical circumstance.

Si tú, o familiar, o amigo está recluido por razones médicas, la Biblioteca pueda proveerte libros y materiales directamente a tu hogar.

When do deliveries take place?
The outreach Librarian will call the patron and schedule a time for delivery/pick up, not to exceed more than one delivery/pick up per week.

What materials can be checked out and delivered?
Materials in all formats can be checked out. The patron can request specific items or have a Librarian pick items for the patron based on the patron’s preferences. The Library’s standard borrowing limits apply, with the exception of late fines, which will not be charged to the Home Delivery patron. Home Delivery patrons will be responsible for lost or damaged items.

How does one apply?
Patrons who want to have Home Delivery service must have an SFVPLD library card in good standing and will have to complete a simple application. Click this link for the online application. To download a print version click here: application

Questions? Please call 708-749-1050 x120, email reference@sfvpld.org, or come to the Popular Services Desk. 

Residents of nearby communities who use our library for other sevices must use their home library for home delivery service.

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